Simulation in Irish Medical Education

Various international speakers

Aras Moyola, NUI Galway 09:00 :: 2nd July 2012

It is increasingly recognised that the transition from classroom learning to clinical performance is greatly enhanced by exposure to authentic simulations of clinical reality. Simulation is also regarded as an important determinant of patient safety. Simulation is a broad term used to describe a range of educational approaches that include at one end low fidelity role-plays, and at the other extreme, high fidelity team-based re-creations of real cases and scenarios. In recent years the phenomenon of the simulation centre has become a common reality in medical schools and academic centres all over the world. In Ireland examples of such centres are now in existence at St. James’ Hospital, Dublin and the ASSET Centre at University College Cork.

Given the growing interest and importance of simulation in healthcare education it is about time, in an Irish context, that we gather together the expertise and experience of individuals and centres in Ireland and abroad. We hope that by sharing our knowledge that we can support better simulation strategy of participating institutions as well as ensuring that we use existing facilities and equipment to its fullest potential.

The goals of this symposium are:
· To provide an overview of medical simulation in Ireland in order to make better use of the assets that are available;
· To allow people who are experienced in the use of simulation to share their knowledge and expertise; and
· To provide hands on experience of different simulation tools and devices.

Who should attend?
The seminar is open to anyone interested in the application of simulation to medical education from any discipline. However, we can only accept a maximum of 60 attendees.

Further Information
Continuing Medical Education credits have been approved by the RCPI.


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