Exploring Community Safety in Limerick Regeneration Communities

Dr Cliona Barnes, University of Limerick

www.ul.ie/sociology for venue 13:00 :: 20th February 2013

Critical Perspectives on Youth, Community & Urban Regeneration Seminar Series 2013

This seminar explores the research process and key findings from a small-scale, qualitative, pilot study (Power and Barnes, 2011) which focused on the auditing of experiences and concerns related to community safety in and around a number of economically and socially disadvantaged residential areas in Limerick City. The study, Feeling Safe in Our Community, gathers, documents, and analyses the most pressing concerns related to community safety infrastructure and frameworks as expressed by a diverse group of community residents and key local stakeholders living and working in neighbourhoods currently under regeneration. Essential to us is the understanding that genuine and meaningful community involvement and participation is essential for the success of any regeneration project, thus, this study was designed to be primarily informed by respondents living in these areas.

Starting from this position allows us to understand and to address key, weighted, questions around responsibility – who is responsible for community safety? – and related issues around the assignation of blame and ‘deservingness’. It also allows us to begin to address important issues relating to tensions which can emerge between different groups of residents, between residents and regeneration officials and between residents and Gardai. These tensions can shift focus from where it is needed and can hinder the necessary processes for successful and inclusive regeneration.

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