The Role of Social Science Research in the 21st Century

CACSSS Seminar Room, O’Rahilly Building, UCC 11:00 :: 1st March 2013

Institute for Social Sciences in the 21st century (ISS21) Showcase Day


ISS21 (Institute for Social Sciences in the 21st century) was established in 2008, when a team of social scientists were awarded a PRTLI4 grant to develop research capacity in the social sciences in UCC, in collaboration with national partners in the Irish Social Sciences Platform. ISS21 is an international and interdisciplinary social science research institute in UCC that seeks to build, sustain and enhance research on social, economic and cultural issues that will shape Ireland and Europe during the 21st century. It provides a research, teaching and learning hub for the social sciences.

The ISS21 Showcase Day aims to highlight exemplary community-engaged and socially relevant funded research currently being conducted by a number of social science researchers in the Institute.

Since 2008, ISS21 researchers have established research projects funded by a range of agencies (including, FP6, FP7, Marie Curie, IRC, NORFACE, ESF, EUROCORES, Pobal/the Equality for Women Measure).

Current ISS21 research projects address a range of contemporary social questions and issues for the 21st century (including, emigration, education, childhood, racism, diversity, youth participation, immigration and transnational families, gender equality, age and urban housing) which will be showcased and presented at this event. The event will highlight the crucial role of social science research in understanding and addressing critical social issues for the 21st century.

Full Programme to follow.

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