NUIG / DIT Inaugural All Ireland Subsidiary Management Research Symposium

ISSP Seminar Room, Cairnes Building, NUI Galway 10:00 :: 13th February 2013

We are delighted to announce the first major networking event specifically for Irish researchers in subsidiary management, jointly hosted and co-chaired by NUIG and DIT, with invited international scholar Professor Ulf Andersson, Copenhagen Business School and Editor, Journal of International Business Studies.

This event will include a Competitive Paper Development Workshop on MNC Subsidiary Management in the morning followed by an interactive forum to Identify Future Directions for Relevant Research on Subsidiaries of MNCs with addresses from industry leaders and policy makers (beginning at 2pm).

Places are limited so please register with the Symposium Chairs, Josephine Igoe at NUIG ( or Pamela Sharkey Scott at DIT (, before 4th February , 2013 attaching paper if you are submitting to the Paper Development Workshop.

* Several papers will be competitively selected for presentation and review at the workshop – ideally papers will be either ready for submission as a full conference paper or for publication.

Pre-regisration required

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