Introduction to NVivo - building your qualitative database

Ben Meehan (qdatraining)

Room CA240 (BIS Suite), JE Cairnes School of Business and Economics, NUI Galway 09:00 :: 8th May 2013

The objective of this course is to equip participants with enough knowledge to enable them to begin their project using a computer-aided methodology to interrogate their qualitative data. This will be a conceptual workshop, covering the many planning decisions associated with gathering, importing and coding qualitative data in a database environment. There is also a practical element to the day. By the end of the workshop participants will understand the advantages and limitations of using a computer for qualitative data analyses and will know how to set-up a database, how to import data and how to code data. They will also understand the potential of NVivo as a tool for organising, questioning and reporting on the data so that they can truly support and defend their findings. Participants are encouraged to bring their own data if they have some, otherwise, tutorial data will be provided on the day.

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