1st IAIS Workshop on Cloud Computing Research

NUI Galway 09:00 :: 27th September 2013

Workshop is FREE, and participation is open only to authors of accepted submissions, academics and industry persons

National University of Ireland, Galway is proud to host the first IAIS Workshop on Cloud Computing Research (IWCCR). The workshop is supported by the Irish chapter of the Association for Information Systems (IAIS), the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre (Lero) and NUI Galway's Whitaker Institute, and is being jointly delivered by the Business Information Systems discipline and Lero at NUI Galway, and the Cloud Computing Services Innovation Centre at Hewlett-Packard

One particular focus will be on the Irish national agenda for research on cloud computing, bringing together researchers and practitioners across the island of Ireland. Another focus will be on the international research stage for cloud computing, providing a forum for the development of research from international authors.

The workshop will take national and international submissions comprising short (max. 2 pages) structured abstracts representing emerging, novel or partially-completed research on cloud computing, and work with the author(s) to develop the research, create an architecture for its development, and to propose a direction for the research. Authors will not submit full papers, nor will they present their work as per the typical conference setting; rather they will sit with small round-table panels comprising academics, industry practitioners and peers to advise on further development of the authors’ research/company practices. As such, this workshop is capacity-building, and suitable to Masters or PhD students at the early stages of some research on cloud computing, who may wish to gain advice on building their ideas into a dissertation; academics or students who wish to develop an idea into a full research paper; or industry persons working with cloud technologies who wish to influence their company in cloud adoption, implementation or strategy.

The IWCCR builds upon NUI Galway, Lero and Hewlett-Packard’s strengths in cloud computing. NUI Galway’s Masters degree in Cloud Computing Research began in Sep 2012, and is already helping to shape the national agenda. This new degree provides a dedicated programme of advanced research on high-value, business-focused aspects of cloud computing. In the current year, students from Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Eircom and elsewhere, are covering a number of important issues for businesses, including a study on business success factors for cloud services, a model for return-on-investment for strategic cloudsourcing, user interaction for mobile cloud business applications, Irish legal considerations for cloud strategies, user benefits of cloud services, in addition to other topics of importance to both large businesses and small SMEs. The university’s research on cloud computing has been published in international outlets, and cloud computing has become a core part of a large SFI-funded research team.

**** Topics ****
We envisage receiving submissions across a range of cloud-related topics. All aspects of cloud computing are encouraged, with a particular focus on business needs, encompassing adoption, deployment, strategy, value, impact, business models, services, and so on. Also encouraged are cloud-related topics such as the business management of big data, business analytics, and future trends.
Sub-topics may include, but are not limited to:
• business success factors for cloud services
• business models for cloud computing
• business risks in cloud computing
• cloud financial models
• business benefits in cloud computing
• legal, jurisdictional and ethical considerations in cloud computing
• cloud computing for small- to medium enterprises
• global models for cloud computing
• cloud computing for consumers, non-profit organisations or Government
• cloud commerce
• mobile interaction with cloud services
• cloud analytics and big data
• cloud management
• cloud trust and security
• innovation in the cloud
• cloud adoption
• green clouds/cloud standards

**** Costs ****
The workshop is FREE, and participation is open only to authors of accepted submissions, academics and industry persons. The event is not a public event. We will provide lunch and beverages, and a free copy of the proceedings. We will ask attendees to register online from Sep 6, so that we can assess numbers.

**** Structure ****
The workshop will have a number of parallel sessions across one day, Fri Sep 27, 2013.

**** Organisation ****
Dr. Tom Acton, Business Information Systems, J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics & The Irish Software Engineering Research Centre (Lero), NUI Galway, Ireland
Dr. Chris Coughlan, Hewlett-Packard, Software Professional Services, Cloud Computing Services Innovation Centre, Galway, Ireland
Dr. Lorraine Morgan, J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics & The Irish Software Engineering Research Centre (Lero), NUI Galway, Ireland



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