Big Data, Analytics and the Architecture of Computation

Various (Irish Centre for High End Computing )

CA107, JE Cairnes Building, NUI Galway 09:30 :: 14th November 2013

This workshop is jointly hosted by the Irish Centre for High End Computing (ICHEC) and the Social Sciences Computing Hub at the Whitaker Institute.

The half-day workshop will introduce some novel statistical methods and computational techniques involved in big data analytics, including the issue of cleaning the data sets and automated classification, and visualization. The workshop will also discuss both the conventional and emerging innovative computational solutions for working with big data. The computations will be implemented in the R environment and the extensibility of the environment will be discussed.

This workshop will be beneficial to a wide range of researchers across Social Sciences, Humanities, Natural and Physical Sciences.


Dr. Adam Ralph, ICHEC
Dr. Bruno Voisin, ICHEC
Dr. Michael Browne, ICHEC
Dr. Simon Wong, ICHEC
Dr. Srinivas Raghavendra, NUIG

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