Quantitative Analysis for the Social Sciences

Dr. Tom Acton (Business Information Systems & the Whitaker Institute)

CA243, JE Cairnes Building 09:30 :: 6th December 2013

This workshop brings participants 'from zero to fairly capable' in a number of statistical techniques important for quantitative studies in the social sciences. Participants will be able to determine which 'tests' to perform on data and when to apply them, how to report, and (fundamentally) how to go about constructing research questions and data collection instruments to be able to run these tests without complication or trying to retrofit. Further, this workshop will (at least somewhat) address any potential worries people may have about all things statistical.

Dr. Acton will go through things like descriptive analysis, charting, how to work with various data types and how they relate to statistical tests, how to know what test to run, how to read the output, how to report results, and will introduce statistical concepts such as correlations, regression, t-tests and various analyses of variance methods, factor analysis, parametric and non-parametrics, and more. Participants will see and use plenty of examples, all social science focused. Come if you don't have quantitative skills, but want some. The 'one-day' format will get everyone off the ground, and participants will know how to advance the skills learned. The workshop will assume zero knowledge of statistics.

Participants should bring their own laptop, with SPSS up and running on it.

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