Emerging Research on Public Sector Work in Ireland

Various speakers

CACSSS Seminar Room, O’Rahilly Building, UCC 13:30 :: 13th November 2013

This seminar will present new research data and perspectives on the experience of working in the public sector in Ireland.

The speakers are:

Dr. Julie Connelly

Dr. Julie Connelly recently obtained her PhD in Government from University College Cork. Her PhD, which was funded by the Irish Research Council from 2010-2013, focuses on the ways in which New Public Management ideas impact upon the administrative culture of 'street-level' bureaucrats and professionals working within Irish Social Policy. She is presently lecturing in both the Department of Government and School of Applied Social Studies. Her research interests include public administration and management, reform and working arrangements in the Irish public sector and gender equality.

Olaniyi Kolawole

Olaniyi Kolawole holds an MA in Contemporary Migration and Diaspora Studies from UCC. He is presently a PhD Social Science (GREP) candidate in the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences, UCC. He currently lectures part-time in the department of Sociology in UCC. His research interests are in the dynamics of International Migration, Migrants’ Economic and cultural Integration, Social Inclusion/Exclusion, Nationalism, Citizenship and Identity, Equality, Multiculturalism and Management of Diversity. His PhD research focuses on the professional experiences of internationally educated healthcare professionals in Ireland and Canada.

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