Universities in Crisis

Markets vs. Publics?

Professor John Holmwood (University of Nottingham)

J.M. Synge Theatre, Arts Building, Trinity College 19:00 :: 14th November 2013

The Department of Sociology in collaboration with University College Dublin (UCD) and the Policy Institute at Trinity College Dublin would like to invite you to a public lecture, Universities in Crisis: Markets vs. Publics? by Professor John Holmwood of the University of Nottingham, President of the British Sociological Association.

This keynote will address the implications of recent reforms to higher education that align the university with a neo-liberal, global knowledge economy. It will suggest that the reforms are a response to the emergence of mass higher education, but involve a shift away from understanding education as a social right and the expression of an inclusive public interest to an understanding of it as an investment in human capital and the expression of a private interest of individuals. This involves giving priority to the marketization of the functions of a university and the displacement of those functions that cannot be marketised, including its functions for democracy. The talk will also address neo-liberalism as a theory of knowledge (and not simply of public policy) and its possible implications for the social sciences, including sociology.

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