Forum on Agile Software Development

Deirdre Giblin; Orla O’Dwyer and Roger Sweetman (Ericsson; Lero & Whitaker Institute)

CA243 (1st Floor), Cairnes Building, NUI Galway 09:30 :: 7th March 2014

What is the event?
The event will focus on project management of large scale agile projects and in particular project portfolios. This is the latest in a series of fora for companies practising Agile and Lean methods to come together and share experiences.

Why should I attend?
Drawn from an extensive research study across eight organisations, attendees will learn about (1) the challenges faced by organisations in relation to IT project portfolio management, and (2) practices for constructing a portfolio of controls and managing control tensions. Ample opportunity will be provided for discussion amongst participants. Through a structured approach the forum provides an opportunity for attendees to learn from one another’s experiences and gain an increased awareness of problems and solutions from peers.

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