Conflict, Rights and Security Research Symposium


Eng 2052 Boardroom, Engineering Building, NUI Galway 13:45 :: 28th May 2014


1.45pm: Welcome: Niall Ó Dochartaigh

2.00pm – 3.40pm

Session 1: Humanitarianism, Nation-Building and Negotiation
Chair: Shane Darcy (Human Rights)

‘Common Humanity'? Humanitarianism as Globalisation in the NGO moment, 1968-85
Kevin O’Sullivan (History)

Slaveholding Elites, Nation-Building, and Civil War: The U.S. South, Brazil, and Cuba in Comparative Perspective
Enrico DalLago (History)

Five Propositions on Power and Political Violence
Niall Ó Dochartaigh (Political Science and Sociology)

Discussant: Sandra Pagodda (University of Manchester)

3.40-4.00pm: Break


Session 2: Transparency, Ostentation and the Local
Chair: Birte Vogel (University of Manchester)

Ostentation and republican civility: notes from the French face-veiling debates
Eoin Daly (Law).

What do we mean when we use the word 'local'
Roger MacGinty (Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute and Dept of Politics, University of Manchester)

The Tyranny of Transparency?
Kevin Ryan (Political Science and Sociology)

Discussant: Oliver Richmond (University of Manchester)

Organised by the Conflict Rights and Security Research Cluster of the Whitaker Institute in association with the Moore Institute. Contact for further details

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