MPhil in Race, Ethnicity, Conflict (Department of Sociology, TCD)

Various Speakers

Synge Lecture Hall, Arts Building, TCD 19:00 :: 26th March 2014

In Memory of Stuart Hall, Public Intellectual, Race Critical Cultural Theorist, Activist

7 – 9.30pm


Prof Gurminder Bhambhra, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Social Theory Centre, University of Warwick
Dr Sanjay Sharma, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Communication, Brunel University
Dr Gavan Titley, Lecturer in Media Studies, NUI Maynooth
At the time when scholarship in race and ethnicity proliferates, the university is undergoing a process of contraction and institutionalisation, celebrating a post-racial moment.

This public event aims to re-locate race critical scholarship in Ireland in the relationship between social movements and the academy, and between public intellectuals, scholar-activists and public responsibility, precisely when academics are increasingly urged to professionalise, produce measurable ‘high impact’ publications, and produce ‘useful’ subjects for economic recovery. Challenging the academy as a managerial, post-racial ‘neutral’ space, this event aims to open up potentialities of engagement and of theorising the racial state in its move from the rights of minorities to categorising populations and managing migrants, and to highlight public intellectuals whose main concern is race and racism, beyond the university’s corporate ambitions.

The MPhil in Race, Ethnicity, Conflict has been debating race critical public scholarship since its inception, and continues to do so despite the demise, since the onset of the recession, of the Irish ‘intercultural’ moment and the shift of emphasis from immigration to mobilities and emigration, which eschews the race issue. Members of the MPhil and the Department of Sociology have recently established a ‘Conflict and Resistance’ research cluster, have organised several conferences and events with social movements and civil society bodies, and are involved with the TCD Centre for Post-Conflict Justice.
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