1st of 4 workshops 'Introduction to Spatial Data Sources and GIS Mapping'

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Geography Dept. Laboratory, Rhetoric House, South Campus, NUI Maynooth 10:00 :: 30th September 2010

Spatial Data & GIS module**


This GREP Module is aimed at providing interested postgraduates and other staff with an introduction to Spatial Data and Geographical Information Systems (GIS) more widely. It will be of interest to students who are likely to need to incorporate a range of spatial data (from publicly available and privately generated sources) into their theses. In addition, the module will be of interest to those students who wish to use GIS software to visualise and analyse self-generated data. It is aimed at a beginner level though students who have some GIS knowledge but feel they need a refresher may find it useful. The kinds of skills learned on this module will also assist attendees in a range of applied areas including; needs assessment, profiling, geo-demographics, policy support and social and environmental modelling.


The aim of the short course is quite simple, namely to introduce students to spatial data and GIS software over a short intensive time period. The learning outcomes will be to firstly allow students to gain knowledge of available sources of spatial data and to gather experience in assessing, downloading and doing some preliminary data management on such data sources. These sources will range from publicly available datasets like the Census but also other sources of public and privately stored data. The second core learning outcome will be to enable students to use basic GIS software and to be familiar with basic cartographic principles using ArcGIS as a mapping tool. A third learning outcome will be for students to become familiar with basic analytical routines within GIS to carry out problem-solving within a number of application areas. A final learning outcome will allow students to fully understand the connections between spatial data and GIS through a series of exercises whereby raw data are turned into professional maps.

The module will be team-taught by Justin Gleeson (NIRSA) and Dr. Ronan Foley (Geography/NIRSA).


The intention is to deliver the content as a set of 4 one-day workshops which will be a mix of taught and practical sessions with a greater emphasis on the latter. There will be morning and afternoon session in two-day blocks across tow weeks early in the Autumn Term. In addition, the final workshop will concentrate on student learning and assessment.

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