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Bernard, M., Liddle, J., Bartlam, B., Scharf, T. & Sim, J. (2012) Then and now: Evolving community in the context of a retirement village, Ageing and Society 32, 1, pp. 103-129.
Bernard, M., Liddle, J., Bartlam, B., Scharf, T. & Sim, J. (2012). ‘Then and now: evolving community in the context of a retirement village’, Ageing and Society 32, 1, pp.103-129.
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Buffel, T., Phillipson, C. & Scharf, T. (2012, published online first) Ageing in urban environments: developing ‘age-friendly’ cities, Critical Social Policy 32, 4: 597 - 617.
Buffel, T., Phillipson, C. & Scharf, T. (2012, published online first) Ageing in urban environments: developing ‘age-friendly’ cities, Critical Social Policy 32, 4: 597 - 617.
Canavan, J. (2012). "Family and Family Change in Ireland". Journal of Family Issues, 33, pp. 10-28. (Article via Sage Journals)
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Carney, G., Dundon, T. and Ni Leime, A. (2012) ‘'Protecting the Vulnerable' in an Economic Crisis: A Participatory Study of Civil Society Organisations in Ireland’ Voluntary Sector Review Volume 3 issue 3 due to be published in November 2012, (forthcoming).
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Gillespie P, O’Neill C, Adams E, Turner K, O’Donovan D, Brugha R, Vaughan D, O’Connell E, Cormican M, Balfe M, Coleman C, Fitzgerald M, Fleming C. The cost and cost effectiveness of opportunistic screening for Chlamydia trachomatis in Ireland. Sexually Transmitted Infections, 2012; DOI:10.1136/sextrans-2011-050067
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O’Shea, E., Walsh, K. and Scharf, T. (2012) Exploring community perceptions of the relationship between age and social exclusion in rural areas, Quality in Ageing and Older Adults 13, 1, pp.16-26.
O’Shea, E., Walsh, K. and Scharf, T. (2012) Exploring community perceptions of the relationship between age and social exclusion in rural areas’, Quality In Ageing, 13, 1, pp. 16-26.
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Timonen, V., Scharf, T., Conlon, C. & Carney, G. (2012):Intergenerational Solidarity and Justice in Ireland: Toward a New National Dialogue, Journal of Intergenerational Relationships, 10:3, 317-321 To link to this article:
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