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Curran, D. van Egeraat, C. O’Gorman, C. (2012) "Adverse Events and Opportunistic Spin-offs: The Irish Biotech Industry", NIRSA Working Paper 68.
Carney, G. (2011) ‘Civic Culture and Ageing: the Voices of Civil Society Organisations in Planning for Ageing in the Republic of Ireland’ Summary submitted to ‘Theorizing Age’ conference, Maastricht university, March 2011. WP-ICSG-2011-01
Carney, G. and Ni Leime, A. (2011) Civil Society Actors in Ireland’s Developmental Welfare State: a participatory analysis of social policy reform Summary submitted to European Social Policy Association conference, March 2011. WP-ICSG-2011-02
Carney, G., Dundon, T. & NiLeime, A. The role of Civil Society Organisations as new actors in social partnership in the Republic of Ireland. WP-ICSG-2011-09
Cunningham, J., O’Reilly, P., O’Kane, C. & Mangematin, V. (2011). "Glorifed Administrators or Eminent Research Leaders: The Inhibiting Factors that Publicly Funded Principal Investigators Experience in Leading Collaborative Research Projects". Centre for Innovation and Structural Change Working Paper, No. 41, July.
Curran, D., van Egeraat, C. and O'Gorman, C. (2011) "New entrants and inherited competence: the evolution of the Irish biotech sector", NIRSA Working Paper 66, Maynooth, Ireland: National Institute for Regional and Spatial Analysis.
Dolan, P., Quinn, G. & Scharf, T. (2011) The lifecourse social policy agenda for the next Government, Critical Perspectives Paper No. 1 (NUI Galway: Lifecourse Institute) WP-ICSG-2011-08
Timonen, V., Scharf, T., Conlon, C. & Carney, G. Intergenerational Solidarity and Justice in Ireland: Towards a New National Dialogue. WP-ICSG-2011-10.
Carney, G. (2010) ‘Clutching victory from the jaws of defeat? management innovation in mobilizing reform of long-term care in the Republic of Ireland, submitted to Social Science and Medicine, March.
Carney, G. (2010) ‘Deliberative democracy and institutional design: a participatory analysis of institutional contexts and decision-making strategies of the community sector in Irish social partnership’ (with Tony Dundon and Camille Loftus, to be presented at Deliberative and Participatory Democracy in the UK and Ireland, Political Studies Association conference, Glasgow, June, 2010)
Carney, G. (2010) ‘The demographic bounty: older people, volunteering and social entrepreneurship’
O’Shea, E., Walsh, K. Ageing Societies and Migrant Care Workers: A Global Perspective. WP- ICSG-2010-012.
Raab, R. (2010) Pension coverage and social exclusion in Ireland
Raab, R. and Gannon, B. (2010) “Income security programmes and retirement behaviour in Ireland,” Department of Economics Working Paper Series paper. Department of Economics, National University of Ireland Galway.
Raab, R.oman. Analysing pensions and retirement using SHARE data WP-ICSG-2010-05.
Vega, A. Kelley, H. and O’Donoghue, C. (2010) ‘Job Accessibility and the Spatial Distribution of Employment in an Urban-Rural Setting: a Case Study for the West of Ireland’
Cullinan, J., Gannon, B., and O'Shea, E. (2009) The Economic Cost of Disability for Older People in Ireland and Implications for Poverty Measures.
Cunningham, J. and Golden, W. (2009), The Irish National Innovation System: Structures, Performance and Challenges, CISC Working Paper No. 30, July 2009
Forde, C., Kiely, E., Meade, R. (eds.); Youth and Community Work in Ireland: Critical Perspectives, Dublin: Blackhall Publishing, 2009
Gray, B. (2009) Commentary: Ghosts of the Faithful Departed; Photographic Exhibition Catalogue, London: Photofusion, pp. 3-4.
Gray, B. (2009) Researching Irish diaspora. From concept to political strategy; in Fernandez, J. (ed) Diasporas: Critical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, ebook: Oxford University.
Herrmann, P. (2009) Gemeinschaft der Gesellschaft :die Suche nach einem Definitionsrahmen für Prekarität; in: Hepp, Rolf (ed.): The Fragilisation of Socio-structural Components/Die Fragilisierung soziostruktureller Komponenten; Bremen: Europaeischer Hochschulverlag; 2009: 76-107
Herrmann, P. (2009) Godless Laws or Lawless Gods: Islam, Fundamentalism and the Economic Crisis; William Thompson Working Papers, 14; Aghabullogue/Cork
Herrmann, P. (2009) Indicators:from Where, What Goal, Which Way; William Thompson Working Papers, 15; Aghabullogue/Cork.
Herrmann, P. (2009) Menschenrechte, Soziale Grundrechte, Sozialrecht ¬ Versuch einer Näherung; William Thompson Working Papers, 13; Aghabullogue/Cork
Herrmann, P. (2009) The Lisbon Treaty, the New Irish Referendum and the Search for the Real Issues; William Thompson Working Papers, 16; Aghabullogue/Cork .
Herrmann, P. and Dorrity, C. (2009) Critique of pure individualism; in: Dorrity, C. and Herrmann, P. [eds.]: Social Professional Activity: the Search for a Minimum Common Denominator in Difference; New York: Nova Science.
Herrmann, P. and Dorrity, C. (eds.) (2009) Social Professional Activity: ¬the search for a minimum common denominator in difference; New York: Nova Science .
Herrmann, P. and van der Masen, L. (2009) Social quality and precarity: approaching new patterns of societal (dis-)integration; in: Hepp, Rolf (ed.): The Fragility of Socio-structural Components/Die Fragilisierung soziostruktureller Komponenten; Bremen: Europaeischer Hochschulverlag; 60-75
Hogan, E. et al (eds.) (2009) Critical Social Thinking: Policy and Practice, Online Journal, School of Applied Social Studies, University College Cork, Ireland
Kelly, S. (2009) 'The ‘creative cities’ thesis in urban regeneration: its pervasiveness and prospects' Conference of Irish Geographers – Annual Conference 2009, University College Cork, 14-16 May.
Leonard, L. and Kenny, P. (2009) 37th European Group Crime and Deviance Conference, UCLAN Preston UK August 2009 ‘”Prison without bells and whistles”: Prison policy in Ireland
Leonard, L. and Kenny, P. (2009) ‘Training and Mentoring in Irish Prisons’ paper to the 4th Irish Criminology conference UCD.
Leonard, L. and Kenny, P. (2009) SAI Conference 2009 ‘Training and Mentoring in the Irish Prison Service: A Sociological Perspective’ . Paper to the SAI 2009 Conference
Murphy, M. (2009) Critical Hermeneutics for Social Work: Theory, Research and Practice in Preventative Child Welfare, Saarbrücken: VDM Verlag Dr. Müller.
Ní Laoire, C. (2009) Book review of N. Yeates (2009) Globalizing Care Economies and Migrant Workers: Explorations in Global Care Chains; Translocations 5(1).
Ni Leime, A. and O'Shea, E. (2009), The impact of participating in creative activities on the quality of life and social networking for older people in Ireland. WP-ICSG-2009-06
O'Donovan, O. (2009) 'Pharmaceuticals, progress and psychiatric contention in early 21st century Ireland'; in M. Cronin, P. Kirby and D. Ging (eds) Transforming Ireland: Challenges, Critiques, Resources. Manchester: Manchester University Press.
O'Donovan, O. (2009) Book review of Pharmaceuticals and Society: Critical Discourses and Debates, Health Sociology Review, 18(3).
O'hAodain, M. (2009) ‘Identifying youth work: the battle for hearts and minds’; in C. Dorrity and P. Herrmann (eds.), Social Professional Activity: The Search for a Minimum Common Denominator in Difference, New York: Nova Science Publishers Inc. 71-93.
O'Keeffe, B. and Creamer, C. (2009); Local Government in The Republic of Ireland; OLA (Observation Network on Local Autonomy) Working Paper; Université de Lille
Pritchard, R. (2009) The Politics of Balanced Development: Stretching the boundaries of democracy in Blessington, Co. Wicklow, Working Paper, ICERTS
Raab R. and Gannon, B. (2009), State pensions and retirement behaviour in Ireland’, WP-ICSG-2009-08
Raab, R. and B. Gannon (2009) “Time for reform? Contrasting social security design in Austria and Ireland,” Working Paper-Irish Centre for Social Gerontology no. 2009-18. National University of Ireland Galway.
Vega, A. (2009) Spatial (Im)mobility, Accessibility and Social Exclusion: Transport Policy as Social Policy, (with Henrike Rau), Working Paper, ICERTS
Walsh, K. (2009) The Nature and Dynamics of the Relationship between Migrant Carers and Older People, WP–ICSG-2009-14
Walsh, K. and O'Shea, E. (2009), Marginalised Care: Migrant Workers Caring for Older People in Ireland, WP-ICSG-2009-13
Walsh, K., O'Shea, E. et al. (2009). Ageing Societies and Migrant Care Workers: A Global Perspective, WP-ICSG-2009-12
Halpin, B. & Hill, J. (2008) "Active Labour Market Policies and Poverty Dynamics". Combat Poverty Research Working Paper, August
Kenna, P.adraic (2008) Council of Europe, Commissioner for Human Rights. Issue Paper on Housing Rights. Strasbourg: Council of Europe
Robertson, P., Jacobson, D. & Langlois, R. (2008) "Innovation Processes and Industrial Districts". University of Connecticut, Department of Economics Working Paper Series, 2008-03, pp. 26.
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