Happiness in Cities Research highlighted in UK September 2012

A recent publication by Professor Kevin Leyden of the Whitaker Institute, NUI Galway was highlighted by the University of Essex's Society Central webpage: http://societycentral.ac.uk/headline/happy-cities-happy-citizens

The connection to public policy was highlighted as they state: World leaders are increasingly using measures of wellbeing to evaluate their cultures and societies. In the UK, the first results of Prime Minister David Cameron's 'Happiness Index' were published in July 2012. The authors of the report believe further research into how wellbeing and amenities are linked could prove useful to policymakers.

"The attractiveness or beauty of cities, the convenience of public transportation, and the availability of key cultural, sport and shopping amenities as well as the quality of city services are shared responsibilities," they say. "It is human decision-making, not random chance, that determines the success or failure of cities.

The full article is available HERE. Goldberg, A, KM Leyden and T Scotto, 2012. "Untangling What Makes Cities Liveable: Happiness in Five Cities". Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Urban Design and Planning. Volume 165 Issue DP3.

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