Launch of the new Social Sciences Computing Hub at NUI Galway

The Social Sciences Computing Hub was formally launched on the 25th of March by NUI Galway President, Dr. Jim Browne. The Hub is a unique facility that will serve both as a repository of diverse quantitative and qualitative social science databases, and as a computing resource that can be used by researchers across the University.

This cross-disciplinary initiative will contribute to our mission to establish NUI Galway at the forefront of global Business and Social Science research with scientific rigor to inform public policy. At the launch event, Dr. Brown descirbed the concept of the Hub as far-sighted and said that the timing of this initiative is perfect as it is in line with national trends in data investment. Social Sciences Computing Hub Brochure

The Hub will be a one-stop facility for access to diverse data, visualization and computational resources for research clusters across various social science research institutes. The architecture of the Hub will be set up to provide remote access to University users, both within and off campus.

With funding support from the Registrar's Strategic Fund 2012 and the Irish Social Science Platform (PRTLI 4) the first phase of the Hub, "Advanced Business Analytics Laboratory", has already begun its operations with industrial partners Standard & Poor (S&P) providing diverse business and finance data through their CapitalIQ platform and PERACTON providing expertise in training students using their MAARS platform. The Lab has also initiated a four-week training program on "Advanced Portfolio Management Training" for 24 students from the Masters in International Finance and the Undergraduate students from Commerce, Arts and Financial Mathematics and Economics. The training program is conducted by PERACTON and the training is on portfolio optimization, back-testing methods and high-frequency/ high-speed trading techniques.

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