Minister Sean Sherlock TD opens the issp Conference People Policy Places and the Economy

The world's best universities provide excellence in education and research that serves the current and future needs of the cities, regions and nations in which they are based. This conference highlights examples of NUI, Galway's research and community outreach efforts and contemporary social and business debates that have been enabled through funding from the Programme for Research in Third- Level Institutions Cycle 4 (PRTLI 4) as part of the Irish Social Science Platform. The PRLTI research programme has played a transformative role in developing a credible research and outreach capacity in Ireland and contributed to Ireland's significant rise in scientific international rankings. The focus of this conference was largely on NUI, Galway's contribution under the three pillars of the Irish Social Sciences Platform: Knowledge Society, Sustaining Communities and Balanced Regional and Rural Development. The conference featured examples of this research and outreach under taken by The Whitaker Institute, Irish Centre for Social Gerontology, the Child and Family Research Centre, the Centre for Disability Law and Policy, the Centre for Research on Occupational and Life Stress, and the Irish Centre for Rural Transformation and Sustainability.

For full details on guest speakers and the conference programme visit People, Policy, Places and the Economy: Advancing Ireland Through Research and Outreach

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